Friday, April 6

I posted a video on our Facebook page of Kendrick Farris doing a 440 pound clean and jerk. Besides the fact that it is a ridiculous amount of weight it's very interesting to listen to him narrate the video and talk about his mindset during the lift. I find myself thinking about how heavy the bar is a lot, doubting whether I can lift it. I'm going to try to focus on form and mechanics, rather than the weight on the bar. Do every lift the same way, whether it's light or heavy. Your body knows what to do, don't paralyze yourself thinking about it being heavy. Here's a little legless rope climb video. Some good progressions we can try tomorrow.

Workout for Friday, April 6 Warmup Run 400 m 30 Pass Throughs 30 Squats 20 Inchworm Pushups Run 400 m

Strength 10 legless rope climbs

WOD 3 Rounds 30 Double Unders 20 Burpee Pullups