Tuesday, April 10

OK, I'm tired right now, and it's only Monday. So I started thinking about sleep and if I'm getting enough. I always feel like I have to use the weekends to catch up on sleep. I am not even sure you can catch up on lost sleep, but I try. Anyway, I did a little searching for some articles on sleep and found a good one that asks some questions about your sleep habits and you can decide if you need to change your routine. Check it out here and see if you need to make a change. Workout for Tuesday, April 10

Warmup 1 Minute Jumping Jack 30 Minute Mountain Climber 30 High Knees 20 Goblet Squats with 5 second hold at bottom 20 Pass Throughs

Skill Pistol Practice 5 sets of 5 each leg

WOD 5 Rounds 20 KB Swing 15 Burpee 10 Handstand Pushup