Wednesday, April 11

I don't have any really creative or inspiring things to say right now, so I'm taking a page from Rudy Neilsen from the Outlaw Way and just posting some videos. First, a video of Drew Hymer, from CrossFit OKC doing a 20 rep back squat at 375#. Yes, you read that right. I can't wait to figure out my 20-rep max.

Now, I work in baseball, so I play the music for the batters to walk up to bat. It's called walkup music and they all pick their song that gets them pumped up to hit. This conversation comes up a lot around the ballpark, but what song would you walk out to? If you were in the CrossFit Games and got introduced, what song would play? Here's my choice, and it's awesome!

Workout for Wednesday, April 11 Warmup Run 400 m 3 Rounds 10 Situps 10 Superman 10 Good Mornings w/ barbell 10 Press w/ barbell

Skill Muscle Up Practice If you don't have muscle ups, do three pullups and three dips for each muscle up attempt

WOD Every 30 seconds for 10 minutes: 1 Power Clean + 1 Hang Power Clean + 1 Push Jerk @ 135/95 lbs