Thursday, April 19

Why do you workout? Everyone has a different reason and they can all be right for each individual. A lot of us work out to stay fit. What does that mean exactly? What is your definition of fitness and are your current workout and nutrition routines getting you there? In October of 2002, Greg Glassman wrote the CrossFit Journal article "What is Fitness?" This discusses CrossFit's definition of fitness and gives standards for measuring it. Read the article and think about the three models for measuring fitness and decide if your current routine is getting you fit.

Also, note that fitness can be put on a continuum with sickness and wellness and every measure of good health will be realized by the fit people.

Fitness is even more clearly defined as in this article as "increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains." And when that is expanded over your lifetime, you have a clear definition of health.

A lot of people I know workout with no clear objective and never see any results. No measurable data that can be analyzed to see improvement over time. If you know people like that, or you are that person, let's talk about getting real results and really building a broad fitness over many physical domains.

Please read these articles and decide if you are getting fit and reaching your goals. Also, take a look at your current regimen and decide if you are getting a well rounded workout that will improve your fitness in a lot of areas. So I ask you again, what is your definition of fitness and is your current routine getting you fit?

Workout for Thursday, April 19

Warmup Jump Rope 1 min. 30 Squats Jump Rope 1 min. 20 Pushups Jump Rope 1 min. 10 Pullups

Skill Max Height Box Jump

WOD 3 Rounds 30 Wall Ball 30 Double Under Rest 2 min. after each round