Tuesday, May 15

A lot of you watched the CrossFit Regional online this weekend and saw some pretty awe-inspiring performances. After hearing the talk in the gym today, I really think we have some people capable of competing at that level and it is time now to start training for next year. If you are seriously interested in competing in CrossFit as an individual or a team, let me know and we will start planning. Also, for those of you that have no desire to compete, don't worry. We will still program workouts for you that will challenge you, get you fitter and healthier and make you feel great. The competition side is fun, but I realize it is not for everyone. I just want the people that are interested to give it a shot. It will be fun either way and you will have the complete support of the coaching staff no matter why you train. Workout for Tuesday, May 15 Warmup Run 400 m 50 Jump Rope 30 Squats 30 Pass Throughs 20 Pushups 20 Situps 50 Jump Rope

WOD 7 Rounds 7 Push Press (135/95) 7 Ring Dips 7 Walking Lunge (each leg)

Mobility Shoulder capsule stretch with band and rolling around scapula with lacrosse ball

There are a lot of shoulder videos on the MWOD, so if you don't like this one pick another.