Friday, May 25

Reminder: Only one workout Monday (Memorial Day) at 10 am! We're doing Murph so come join us before starting your festivities. Also remember that on Monday, we will be in the new space - right next door so if the door is locked you might be at the wrong spot! Come workout with us get your holiday weekend started right. Here's a mashup of summer anthems from last year to get you in the mood. (This is mainly for you Mike, and I really don't like most of this music - you've been warned!)

Workout for Friday, May 25 Warmup Run 800 m 20 m Bear Crawl Run 400 m 20 m Bear Crawl Run 250 20 m Bear Crawl

Skill Running Drills

WOD 21-15-9 Power Cleans (185/135) Burpees Box Jumps (24"/20")