Tuesday, June 5

The discussion of shoulder position while overhead, particularly in the snatch grip, seems to be a constant at the gym. Watch this video from Mike Burgener on shoulder position and grip in the snatch. The shoulders should be externally rotated and the pushing up on the bar should come from below the ribs so the entire torso moves up - not just shrugging the shoulders. As the weights increase, this shoulder position becomes more important. You want the bones stacked properly to support the weight and shrugging leads to internal rotation and a disconnect at the shoulder joint. I'll be interested to hear what Kelly was taught at the USAW certification this weekend. There are always different schools of thought, but so far, I'm in Burgener's camp. And one other thing that didn't make it in this preview video - HOOK GRIP!!!

Workout for Tuesday, June 5 Warmup Run 250 m 20 Pushups 20 Leg Swings All Directions 20 Boot Strappers

WOD 6 rounds for time of: Run 400 meters 25 Burpees (30 Min. Time Cap)

Mobility Roll and Stretch Glutes