Friday, June 8

Remember that our new Saturday schedule starts this Saturday, June 9. We will have 10 am, 11 am and 12 pm classes. The 10 am class will be good for new people and those of you just starting with us. The movements will be less technical but the workout will still be challenging. The 11 am class will be for our more experienced members and will sometimes feature more technical or difficult workouts. The 12 pm class will be an Olympic lifting class and will really break down the clean and jerk and the snatch. Feel free to come to any of these classes. If you are considering doing a CrossFit class and the Oly class please listen to your body and don't overtrain. If you've been doing this a while, you can probably handle it, especially now as the Oly class will focus on technique for the first few classes before adding weight. Remember, if you are on a punchcard, these classes count as one punch. Unless you bring a new person to try the 10 am class, then we will give you that class for free!

Here's a little weekend music for ya! RIP Mr. Trololo

Workout for Friday, June 8 Warmup Run 250 20 Situps 20 Superman Run 250 20 Donkey Kicks 20 KB High Pulls

Skill Midline 3 Sets 5 KB Turkish Get Ups each side (1.5/1)

WOD 5 Rounds 5 Deadlift (315/225) 5 Muscle Ups