Thursday, June 14

Now that many of you are starting to master the movements we do in CrossFit, it's time to focus on some of the other things that can make a difference in our training, recovery and overall health. The first and most important (more important than the workouts) is nutrition. This is a topic that scares some people and can be overwhelming, but let's keep it simple to start. WE WANT YOU TO EAT REAL FOOD. What's that, you ask. Real food is anything you can grow or kill and eat without changing drastically. This includes most animals and plants, but does not include things like grains (whole or otherwise) that make up so much of the American diet. Wheat and other grains cannot be eaten without some serious processing and offer little nutritional value, especially when weighed against the bad stuff these things cause. The main model for nutrition that many of us use is the Paleo Diet. This is a diet based on what our ancestors ate and what the human body was meant to eat. We are going to have a Paleo challenge soon and focus on the quality of the food we are putting in our mouths. We work too hard in the gym to waste it by eating pizza and beer. If your goals are weight loss, changing your body composition (more lean muscle, less fat), or just feeling better overall then give this a try. We will give you a model to follow and all you have to do is track what you eat each day. We'll rank everyone at the end and have some sort of prize for the top finisher!

We will address more of the nutritional stuff in the upcoming days in the gym so get your questions ready and let's take our health and fitness to the next level.

Here's a piece from Nightline on the Paleo Diet. If you want to know more do a quick Google or Youtube search and you'll find plenty.

Workout for Thursday, June 14 Warmup Run 400 3 Rounds 10 Wall Ball Toss with Partner - full squat on catch 10 Good Mornings w/ Barbell 10 Kick up to Handstand

Strength Push Press 8(75%)-6(80%)-4(85%)-2(90%)

WOD 10,9,8...3,2,1 Deadlift (185/135) Strict Pullups