Friday, June 15

Positive Self Talk. That's the topic of the day, and it comes from original CrossFit firebreather Greg Amundson. There is an entire series on this in the Journal and you can find the previews on Youtube, but I am posting a couple of videos below. We talk about the workouts, movements and even nutrition, but let's take a moment to focus on what's going on between the ears. I think this is especially appropriate heading into Saturday because I know many of you are nervous. Let's stop thinking about what we can't do and start focusing on what we can do. You all come in every day and go all out in the gym and do amazing things on a daily basis. You have surprised all of the coaches, other members and yourselves with your accomplishments. So why do we still focus on the negative? As Saturday approaches, let's start feeding ourselves some positive self talk. Let's start thinking about what we are good at and how we will excel while doing those things. Picture yourself finishing workouts and knowing that you gave it everything you had.

In the first video he talks about being surrounded by negative talk. I don't want to hear that on Saturday. Your negative talk will only bring others down. That's not our job as fellow CrossFitters. We are there to support each other and carry each other through these workouts. Let's do just that.

Let your positive thoughts and words determine your destiny!

Workout for Friday, June 15 Warmup Run 400 3 Rounds 10 Pass Throughs 10 Overhead Squats 10 Pushups 2 Wall Walks

Strength Weighted Ring Dips 5-5-5-5-5

WOD 10 Minute AMRAP 12 Wall Ball 12 Burpee 12 Overhead Lunge