Tuesday, July 3

Time to do Fran again. For some of you this will be your second test with this girl and for a lot of you it will be a first date. Take a look back at your previous time if you've done it before and visualize yourself beating that time. See yourself with good, efficient movement on the thrusters - moving the bar straight up and down and using the legs to power the bar overhead. See the elbows and chest staying up to support the bar on the shoulders. Don't hold it in your hands the whole time or your forearms will suffer. The pullups will work those enough already. Fran is meant to be a short, sprint type workout. Scale the weight accordingly so you can keep moving, but if you are close and debating whether you should do this Rx'd, then go Rx'd and give yourself a good benchmark even if it takes you a little longer than we would like. For those of you that haven't done Fran before, it's probably the most popular CrossFit workout and a good test of your fitness. It's short enough to do multiple times a year and we can measure our progress by comparing our times to the previous Frans w have done. Make sure you record your time for these benchmarks so you can measure your progress.

Now check out this unrelated video from the CrossFit Journal. Pretty cool and inspirational (notice he says DIET and CrossFit.)

Workout for Tuesday, July 3 Warmup Run 400 30 Fire Hydrants each leg 30 Squats 30 Good Mornings

Skill 3 rounds 20 Hollow Rocks 30 Sec. Handstand Hold

WOD "Fran" 21-15-9 Thrusters (95/65) Pullups