Thursday, July 5

What are your distractions while at the gym? Is it watching the people around you, thinking about the heat or worrying about how much chalk is on your hands? It's very easy to come to the gym and have some fun while chatting with friends, get a good sweat going and head home feeling good. But let's think about maximizing our time in the gym and thereby maximizing performance. For most of us, we get to spend one hour a day working out. This hour is usually taken up by a warm up, skill work, strength training and metabolic conditioning (the WOD). That's a lot to get in in an hour. Now ask yourself if you are taking advantage of all of these stages. It's easy to sleep walk through the warm up and take it easy on the skill work because you are "saving yourself" for the WOD. If you do that you are missing out on valuable training time. The warm up is there to prepare you for the workout. If you don't take the time to do it properly you are opening yourself up to the risk of injury and your workout will definitely suffer. Ever feel like round 2 or 3 of a WOD is easier than the first? Probably because you weren't warmed up properly. Don't waste part of your WOD warming up again.

There are a lot of skills to learn (not just in CrossFit) so take advantage of the practice time when it's programmed. I know a lot of you work on the skills outside of class and that is awesome. In class is the time to ask questions and have a coach watch you and help fix any problems or give you tips.

The strength work and the WOD is where it's usually easy to focus. But take the time between sets to rest and watch the other lifters. It's always good to see other people move and you can help your fellow members if you see something while they are lifting. During the WOD, don't pay attention to what anyone else is doing. If you are pushing yourself hard, it doesn't matter how your time compares to anyone else's.

Workout for Thursday, July 5 Warmup Run 400 3 Rounds 10 pass throughs 10 ring rows 10 leg swings all directions

Skill Pullup Progressions Kipping/Butterfly

WOD 30 Push Jerk (135/95) Every Minute Sprint 100 m