Thursday, July 12

Some of us are going to get together Saturday to watch the games after the morning workout. It looks like an all-day affair so feel free to come and go as you please. As of now, the location is Fifth Third Ballpark in the Pepsi Stadium Club. I will post more info at the gym, but feel free to email, call, facebook, etc... if you want. Here's a link to the individual event schedule. Keep in mind, there are team and masters events all day too. We can run out between events for food and drink or you can bring stuff with you. It's all coming together now, so make suggestions if you have any. Hope to see you there! Workout for Thursday, July 12 Warmup Run 400 3 Rounds 10 Romanian Deadlifts 10 Pushups 3 Wall Walks

Skill Technique work for the movements in the WOD

WOD 2 Rounds 1 Min at each station* 30 Sec rest/transition Rope Climb Tire Flip Tire Sledge Burpee Broad Jump Farmers Carry (95/65)

*Other movements may be added depending on class size.