Friday, July 20

Wow, this is pretty mind blowing. Have we been treating our injuries wrong all along? No more rest or ice? Can it be true? This is a long video but worth watching. I haven't done any research into the claims here, so I'm not telling you to change anything, but the arguments are pretty convincing. I will do more research in the upcoming days. I think I had this conversation about icing with someone the other day and we talked about how it seems counter intuitive that shutting everything down would promote healing. Check it out and let me know what you think. Remember, this isn't necessarily gospel and you shouldn't accept something just because it's in a video from a trusted source. Do your own research too.

Workout for Friday, July 20 Warmup Run 400 3 Rounds 10 Pass Throughs 10 Jumping Pullups 10 Good Mornings

Strength Strict Pullups 4 Sets Max Reps

WOD 3 Rounds 12 Power Clean (135/95) Run 400