Wednesday, August 1

OK, here's your Mobility WOD this week... For those of you that have tight shoulders (many of you) try this one. Please watch this if you have trouble keeping the shoulder externally rotated in a snatch or overhead squat. I'm just going to paste in the write up from because K-Star can explain this a whole lot better than me:

Some of you have been recently asking about the top secret “Beauty Queen” mobilization. Well I’m glad to say that we now have good footage of the elusive Snow Leopard and the infamous “Beauty Queen” mob. Look when working on righting shoulder dysfunction, we’ve got to make sure that the shoulder’s carriage or chassis is organized first or we’ll never really get to the bottom of those pesky shoulder issues. In fact, we’ll just put off the pain and injury until later when we won’t be able to tissue buffer that poor working position. We’ve talked about the first rib on the MWOD before, but this variation smokes our previous iterations. Remember, your first rib should act like a pump handle (move up and down). When it’s stiff, it literally acts like a strut, and blocks the elevation of your scapula. Now imagine you are a tactical athlete wearing some 50-100lbs of gear that is weight bearing right on that rib (neck shoulder interface). Your body is going to respond to that load by creating stiffness in this motion segment. So, the next time you go to move your arm over your head, there will likely be a traffic accident on your neck. Scapula runs into first rib and arm slams into scapula… As always, be sure to respect any numbness and tingling whilst mobilizing. If you start to get tingly. Stop, wait till you are normal, and go again. Most of you are going to be what we call SAF. (stiff as Frak). If you are a young stud trying out for BUDS or headed to the Marine SOI you should be sure to check this out. Carrying a log or boat over head for long distances is a drag when your hands go numb because your first rib was stiff and smashing the nerves coming out of your neck….

Workout for Wednesday, August 1 Warmup Run 400 3 Rounds 10 Pushups 10 Scorpions 10 Superman 10 Squats

Skill Push Jerk Practice

WOD 5 Rounds for time: Run 400 8 Push Jerk (145/100) 40 Steps Walking Lunge