Thursday, August 2

Thanks to Rachel, Jen and Stacie for sharing this picture of Julia Rohde on Facebook today.

Made me do a little digging to find out more about her and I found this article and video. OK, so I can't understand a single word in the video, but you get the idea. You can lift heavy weights and still be feminine and not bulky. By the way, she snatched 85 kg (187 lbs.) and clean and jerked 108 kg (238 lbs). Not bad for a girl that weighs 117 pounds.

Workout for Thursday, August 2 Warmup Run 400 30 Pass Throughs 30 Good Mornings 20 Pushups 20 Hollow Rocks

Skill Handstand Walks Total 50 m

WOD 10 Minute AMRAP 5 Deadlift (315/225) 5 Bar Muscle Ups 5 Bar Hop Burpees