Monday, August 20

Remember we are having a Beach WOD/Party this Saturday so there won't be any regular Saturday classes. That means no Oly either, so if you want to lift, please come to the open gym on Friday at 5:30. We are meeting at North Beach (North Shore) Park in Ferrysburg at 9:30 am to get things started. We will warm up before the workout but we will start promptly so we can get the workout in and have some fun on the beach for the rest of the day. Let us know this week if you are coming so we can plan out food and drinks for everyone. And if you can't make it early to WOD, come later and just hang out. See you there!

Workout for Monday, August 20 Warmup Jump rope 2 min 3 Rounds 10 Pass Throughs 10 Kipping Swings 10 Superman 10 Fire Hydrants 20 Steps Walking Lunge

WOD "Barbara" 5 Rounds for time 20 Pullups 30 Pushups 40 Situps 50 Squats Rest 3 Min after each round