Wednesday, August 22

We are deadlifting in the WOD today and I want you to watch the video below before you start. It's a Journal preview so it's short and only covers a few things, but watch til the end when he gets into his deadlift setup. Watch how tight he gets and how he takes all of the slack out of the system before pulling the bar off the ground. This is something that takes practice and it's something we say to you guys all of the time. The "get tight" phrase gets used a lot, and this video demos exactly what we mean. You may have to slow down during the WOD, but it will be worth it to save your back. The more you practice, the more natural this will become and you will be able to find that position faster.

Workout for Wednesday, August 22 Warmup Run 400 3 Rounds 10 Fire Hydrants 10 Goblet Squats 10 Situps 10 Leg Swings All Directions

Strength Back Squat 8-8-6-4

WOD 12 Minute AMRAP 12 Deadlifts (185/135) 3 Wall Walks 25 Double Unders