Thursday, August 30

Overhead squat test today. I know many of you have been doing a lot of squats in the lifting class and during this testing phase, but the weight on the legs shouldn't be an issue here. We need to focus more on stability and positioning during the lift to max out. Make sure you take the time during the warmup to get those hips opened up. For a lot of you, the overhead squat is difficult because of limited mobility in the hips, ankles and thoracic spine. If you read this tonight or early in the morning, try to do some mobilizing before class. This prep work can be invaluable. As always, I refer you to for exercises to open up every part of your body. Use the warmup to your advantage and if you need more time to prep, take it. Workout for Thursday, August 30 Warmup Run 200 then 3 Rounds 10 Fire Hydrants 10 Leg Swings All Directions 10 Goblet Squats then Run 200

Strength 1 Rep Max Overhead Squat

WOD 400 m for time Rest 5 Min Max pushups (you can rest at the top, but not on the floor) Run 800 m

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