Thursday, August 6

Use some common sense today if you did a lot of clean and jerk work last night in the lifting class. We're testing our one rep max, but if you are in the Oly class you may want to stay light, work on technique and recover from last night. You should have a good idea of your one rep already so don't go crazy. If you're not in the Oly class, take your time working up and get to a one rep max while maintaining good technique - especially if you are new to the lift. Proper technique will serve you better in the long run than muscling up bad reps. If you feel like you need to rest on the lift all together that is fine. Just let the coaches know. We are testing a weighted pullup on Friday, so don't go overboard working pullups if you opt out of the clean and jerks. Workout for Thursday, August 6 Warmup 200 Jump Rope 30 Mountain Climbers 30 Squats 30 Pass Throughs

Burgener Warmup

Strength 1 Rep Max Squat Clean

WOD 21-15-9 Push Press (95/65) Burpee

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