Monday, September 10

Our testing phase is over and now it is time to put those numbers to work. If you get to something that you haven't tested you are going to have to test some other time or estimate based on your other lifts. Not everything we do will be based on your percentages, but most of the strength training will be. We will still write WODs that have a prescribed weight so you can have a number to shoot for. We also want to simulate the competition setting sometimes, so having a weight that is out of your comfort zone will challenge you in new ways. Workout for Monday, September 10 Warmup Run 400 3 Rounds 10 Pushups 10 Situps 10 Squats

Strength Strict Press 10@60% 8@70% 6@75% 4@80%

WOD 3 Rounds for Time 10 L Pullups 20 Double Unders 30 Air Squats