Wednesday, September 19

We talk about diet a lot, but probably not enough. Some of you want or need more help than others and we try to offer as much knowledge as possible. The amount of information available is overwhelming and it is easy to quickly give up when you realize every study contradicts the previous one. It seems though that the mainstream nutrition people are finally starting to accept that a high-carb diet is the biggest culprit in many of the health problems facing us today. You know that we think the Paleo diet is a great model for you and can produce serious results on the scale and in the gym. Think about it, if you give your body the best fuel (food) possible, you should feel better in every aspect of your life. Why wouldn't you want to do that? I saw this article today about how this family and their autistic daughter were changed by the Paleo diet. Please take the time to read this and think about how eating a clean diet could change you.

Workout for Wednesday, September 19 Warmup Run 400/2 min. Jump Rope 3 Rounds 10 Squats 10 Pass Throughs 10 Kipping Swings

WOD "Angie" For time: 100 Pullups 100 Pushups 100 Situps 100 Squats

Mobility Roll Quads - 2 min per leg Couch Stretch - 2 min per leg

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