Thursday, September 20

You are doing some running in the WOD today and I think we can do some improving on our running technique. The heel to toe running style is terrible for you in so many ways so let's get away from that. Start thinking about keeping your feet underneath you as you run. Don't reach out with each step. You should be landing on the mid to forefoot. I know this may seem foreign to many of you, but it's better for your joints, speed and stamina. No more heel striking, which causes too much impact on the joints of the leg. Also, every time you heel strike it's like you are putting the brakes down. You have to restart your run every step.

Workout for Thursday, September 20 Warmup Run 400/2 min. Jump Rope 3 Rounds 10 Good Mornings 10 Superman 10 Pass Throughs

Strength Ring Dips 5 Sets 70% Max Reps

WOD 5 Rounds for time: 5 Clean and Jerks (155/110) 10 Kettlebell Swings (1.5/1) Run 200