Monday, October 8

Congrats to Angela and Stacie for doing great at the Oakland County competition this weekend. I wish I had been there to see it, but I heard from Kelly and she said you both did awesome. Can't wait to get the full report. I'm stuck in a hotel in Cleveland after getting bumped off my flight so I don't have much wisdom to share right now, but I can't wait to get back to the gym and work off a fun vacation.

Workout for Monday, October 8 Warmup Run 400/2 min jump rope 3 rounds 10 good mornings 20 steps lunge with twist 10 sit-ups

Strength Deadlift 10 @ bar 10 @ 60% 8 @ 65% 8 @ 70% 8 @ 75%

WOD 3 rounds 1 min max reps push press (75/55) 1 min max reps box jump (24"/20") 1 min max reps wall ball 1 min rest

This wod is a mini Fight Gone Bad and there is no rest between exercises. Transition quickly for the best score. Total reps is your score.