Tuesday, October 9

It looks like it is supposed to be somewhat nice out tomorrow so we're going to get outside and run while we still can. You may want to dress appropriately if you're in the morning crew. It's probably still going to be a bit chilly, but it'll be worth it to get a few more runs in this year. The WODs are being programmed pretty light these days for a reason so you should really be able to push hard and keep moving without having to worry about the weight. Make the WOD (or conditioning) count and keep the intensity up. In your strength training, make sure you are sticking to the correct percentages. We are in a volume phase right now, so don't worry if it doesn't feel heavy enough. Let's build some work capacity so when we go heavy we won't have to worry about fatigue. Workout for Tuesday, October 9 Warmup Run 400/ 2 min Jump Rope 3 Rounds 10 Hollow Rocks 10 Superman 2 Wall Walk

Press 10 @ bar 8 @ 65% 8 @ 70% 6 @ 80% 6 @ 85%

WOD 3 Rounds for time Run 400 15 Overhead Squats (65/45) 15 Hand Release Pushups