Thursday, October 11

Another CrossFit benchmark WOD today - Elizabeth. Not sure how many of you have done this before, but with all of the Olympic lifting practice, I expect some good times. I want you to shoot for the Rx'd weight, but not if that means your technique completely falls apart. If you can get to the prescribed weight or close while maintaining a good pace go for it. I don't want you standing around looking at the bar for minutes at a time, but I don't want you blowing through this too fast when you could have gone heavier. Find that balance and listen to the coaches to help determine the proper weight for this one. Here's an old-school demo from the CrossFit vault:

Workout for Thursday, October 11 Warmup Run 400/2 Min Jump Rope 3 Rounds 10 Good Mornings w/ barbell 10 Front Squats w/ barbell 10 Hang Power Cleans

Skill Squat Clean practice. Work up to your weight for the WOD

WOD Elizabeth 21-15-9 Squat Clean (135/95) Ring Dip