Wednesday, October 24

Remember, no weightlifting class Wednesday night. We are taking a break after this cycle and meet for full recovery and we will start back up next week. Hope some of you will join us on the new cycle! We do have one small request for you, and it's about our sad little tens. They are taking quite a beating, so we are going to try to preserve their life a little bit. Can you please try to not drop a bar with just one pair of tens on it? Those things just aren't strong enough to hold up to that for very long. Of course, we know there are going to be those times when it happens, and that's ok, but just give us your best effort. Thanks in advance, and please take a minute to watch this public service announcement to "Save the Tens."

Workout for Wednesday, October 24 Warmup 100 Singles 30 Mountain Climbers 30 Jumping Jacks 20 Squats 20 Good Mornings 20 Superman 50 Double Unders

Strength Deadlift 10 @ bar 10 @ 60% 8 @ 65% 8 @ 70% 6 @ 75%

WOD 10 Minute AMRAP 12 Push Press (95/65) 14 Toes to Bar 16 Air Squats