Friday, October 26

Really looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday. We've heard from some people we haven't seen in a while and it's shaping up to be a great day. Remember your costume and be ready for a fun WOD and stick around for some food and drinks afterwords. Workout starts at 10:30 am! This article was making the rounds on CrossFit sites today. It's from the NY Times and it's about how girls can't do pullups. I really love proving this wrong with you all every day! Thanks for the hard work.

Workout for Friday, October 26 Warmup Run 400/200 Jump Rope Singles 3 Rounds 10 Situps 10 Romanian Deadlifts with barbell 2 Wall Walks

Strength Press 10 @ bar 8 @ 65% 8 @ 70% 6 @ 75% 6 @ 80%

WOD 5 Rounds In 2 Min 5 Power Snatch (115/75) Max Double Unders Rest 1 Minute after each round Score is total number of Double Unders

Mobility Calf roll and Stretch