Wednesday, November 7

I saw this article today about childhood obesity and thought it needed to be shared. The basic point is that eating out (fast food or full-service) is directly related to more calorie consumption among kids. This probably comes as no surprise to anyone, and it really seems like common sense. So the question is why do we keep doing it? Everyone knows what kinds of food are bad for them and that overeating is bad, but we all still fall into that trap. It's a hard cycle to break, but I am confident having a great support system around you can help. Also, the article made me think of this:

Workout for Wednesday, November 7 Warmup Run 400/200 Jump Rope 30 Squats 30 Pass Throughs 30 Overhead Squats

Strength Snatch Practice Work up to a heavy single

WOD 4 Rounds for time 8 Shoulder to Overhead (115/85) 16 Wall Ball 32 Double Unders