Tuesday, December 4

There are some competitions coming up that we want you to know about. The first is a ladies event at Stay Strong CrossFit in Troy, MI. This would be a great competition for any of you to get a taste of what it's like to compete. I think we have one person in so far, but we'd love to have more. Here's the link to the registration page. Also, CrossFit has officially announced the beginning of the 2013 Games season. The CrossFit Open begins March 6! I would love to put a team together from 616 and have a lot more participate than last year. It is a lot of fun to push each other on these workouts so I really hope you will give it a shot and see how you do against all of the other CrossFitters in the world. Remember, training for the Open has already started, whether you know it or not. If you are serious about competing, please talk to us so we can start diagnosing and attacking any weaknesses. Here's the link to the Games site.

Workout for Tuesday, December 4 Warmup Run/Jump Rope Jumping Jacks Mountain Climbers Situps Arm Circles Leg Swings Pushups

Strength Weighted Ring Dips 5x5

WOD 3 Rounds for time 6 Snatches (95/65) 12 Pullups 24 Double Unders