Thursday, December 13

We are doing kettlebell cleans today and this will be a new movement for many of you. Take a look at the video below before class for a review on the clean. Watching this should help and make sure you start with a light kettlebell as you warmup and practice the movement. Especially pay attention to the last part about how to keep the kettlebell from banging into your arm. This will be the hardest part for many of you and will make the workout painful if you aren't doing it properly. Meet the kettlebell with your arm so it's not crashing down on you. Just like you meet the barbell with your shoulders in the clean.

Workout for Thursday, December 13 Warmup Run/Jump Rope Jumping Jacks Mountain Climbers Situps Arm Circles Leg Swings Superman Good Mornings

Strength Press 10 @ Bar 5 @ 50% 3 @ 75% 3 @ 80% 3x2 @ 90%

WOD 4 Rounds for time 10 KB Clean Right (1.5/1) 20 Steps Overhead Lunge (45/25) 10 KB Clean Left 20 Steps Overhead Lunge