Monday, December 17

I am going to take a minute to brag today. I really wish you all could have seen Angela at the competition this weekend. She really gave it her all and had really impressive performances all day. I saw her do things she had never done before with hesitation. She attacked every workout and never gave up even when she wasn't sure she could keep going. From rowing 1600 meters, to lateral hops, to 30 snatches at her previous one-rep max PR, Angela showed that hard work and dedication pay off. I also want to say how happy I am with the coaches here. Whether or not Angela could move as much weight as the stronger girls, she looked extremely proficient the entire time. Her technique was so much better than the majority of people there and really made me proud as a coach and a gym owner. A lot of this can be attributed to the excellent coaches we have on staff and I am very happy to have you all with us.

Thank you Angela and coaches. I am very excited to see what else is in store in the upcoming year!

Workout for Monday, December 17 Warmup Run/Jump Rope Jumping Jacks Mountain Climbers Situps Arm Circles Leg Swings Superman Good Mornings

Skill Handstand Walking Practice Handstand Facing Wall Shoulder Touches Wheelbarrow Walks

WOD 3 Rounds for Time 10 Hang Power Cleans (155/105) 5 Bar Muscle Ups