Thursday, December 20

Thanks to All Things Gym for pointing me to this video about why we do what we do. This is a TED talk by Arctic explorer Ben Saunders and he tries to explain why people push the limits. Now, we aren't risking our lives in the gym every day, but why do we push ourselves hard at all. Why not just sit at home on the couch all day. His talk is called "Why Bother Leaving the House" and it does a good job of explaining why we need to push the limits of our potential. Here's my favorite quote

"If I've learned anything in nearly 12 years... it is that true, real inspiration and growth only comes from adversity and from challenge. From stepping away from what's comfortable and familiar and stepping out into the unknown."

Check it out and let me know what you think

Workout for Thursday, December 20 Warmup Run/Jump Rope Jumping Jacks Mountain Climbers Situps Arm Circles Leg Swings Supermans Kick Up to Handstand

Push Press 10 @ Bar 5 @ 60% 3 @ 75% 2 @ 85% 2 @ 90% 2x1 @ 95%

WOD 3 Rounds 1 min. Deadlift (185/135) 1 min. Ring Dips 1 min. Toes to Bar 1 min. Rest

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