Friday, January 4

I know we've been talking a lot about the new programming and preparing for the Open, but there's another big piece of the health puzzle we need to remember - Nutrition! So to help get your eating back in order after the holidays we are going to start a 30-Day Paleo Challenge. The challenge will start on Monday, January 14 and we will go through Tuesday, February 12. The entry fee is $10 and there will be fabulous prizes for the winner (the prizes are still TBD, but we'll let you know soon). Thanks to Jen for helping (that means doing) this project. She put in a lot of work and it is very thorough. We will get the info packet with rules and instructions to you ASAP. Sign ups begin Monday, Jan. 7 and will close on Saturday, Jan. 12. Hope you join in. If you decide to give it a shot, make sure you are eating enough to support your workouts. It's easy to not get enough calories when you cut out a lot of junk at once. Talk to your coaches for advice. One other thing, AJ set up an account for us on WOD Stack so you can track your workouts online and we can see your results. It's completely free so check it out here. Thanks AJ and Jen!

Workout for Friday, January 4 Cleans 10 Minutes to work up to a heavy single Death by squat clean @ 95/65 up to 8 minutes

Press 5 @ 50% 5 @ 70% 3x5 @ 80%

WOD 5 Min AMRAP 7 Wall Ball 7 Burpees

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