Wednesday, January 9

I mentioned yesterday that Tom and Cori would lead a short nutrition seminar leading into the Paleo challenge that starts next Monday. They are going to do this Friday evening after the 5:30 pm class. I initially said Saturday, but we had to change it, sorry. It won't take long and you don't have to stay, but if you want to know more about the Paleo diet and how regulating your insulin can make a difference for you then please come. Remember, competition team, Wednesday is your scheduled rest day during the week. That means nothing intense. DJ asked about coming in and doing some mobility work and that would be a great option for a lot of you so feel free to stop in.

Good work on everything we have thrown at you so far. Please continue to give us feedback on how you feel and what you need help with.

Workout for Wednesday, January 9 Press 10 @ Bar 5 @ 50% 3x5 @ 75%

WOD 7 Rounds 30 sec. Front Squats 30 sec. Situps 30 sec. Wall Walks

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