Friday, January 11

Don't forget to sign up for the Paleo Challenge that starts Monday! Only a couple of days left to sign up. And if you haven't joined the Facebook group let us know. We were keeping it private for now so you don't feel bad about posting before and after pictures or other semi-personal stuff. If you're uncomfortable with that let us know, we can work with you on it. Also, check out this video on the pushup and scaling the pushup. You know we are always talking to you about shoulder and arm position during the pushup, and this is a great video demonstrating it. If you are still struggling with full pushups, check out the scaling option. Basically he says to lower correctly, loading the shoulder first and staying tight and then snake back up. Let's give this a try and see if your pushups improve.

Workout for Friday, January 11 Cleans 15 minutes to work up to heavy single

WOD 5 Minute AMRAP 5 Wall Ball 5 Burpee 15 Double Under

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