Tuesday, January 22

Remember to check the Kenowa Hills Schools for closings or delays to find out if the 6 am class is still on. If that school district is closed or delayed, the 6 am class will be canceled. Be safe out there. If you don't feel like it's safe to drive, then please do not risk it. You can workout again tomorrow. Also, please make sure you are getting warmed up really well. Maybe budget a few extra minutes to travel so you can get to the gym early or on time. The traffic is terrible and I don't want to see you get hurt because you came in late and didn't warm up properly. If you can't make it on time, we understand, but you are responsible for prepping yourself for the workout! Let us know if you have questions.

Watch this Mobility WOD! If you have issues with your overhead position, locking out, shoulder pain, front rack, etc... then this might help. A little tricep smashing:

Workout for Tuesday, January 22 Power Clean 20 minutes to work up to a heavy single

WOD 5 Rounds In 1 Min do 10 Box Jump 5 Overhead Squat (115/85) Rest 30 Seconds

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