Monday, January 28

I had the pleasure of doing a couple of Games prep workouts at 8th Day Gym with Michael and DJ on Saturday and it was a fun, but eye-opening experience for all of us. We did two WODs and it was a great opportunity to find out what we need to work on. I found out that my double unders got really bad because I haven't been practicing them. It was amazing how quickly something I took for granted went away. I might knock out afew double unders here and there, but I hadn't been doing them consistently over the last few months, and I got exposed on Saturday. There will be more opportunities like this Games prep day in the future and I hope you take advantage of them. It's a lot of fun and a great learning experience. If you know there's a weakness in your workouts, now is the time to attack it. Don't wait until March when it's too late. Take the extra work seriously and make yourself better. You will be glad you did when the Open starts.

Workout for Monday, January 28 Back Squat 5 @ 50% 4x3 @ 80%

WOD 7 Rounds in 1 Minute do 4 Deadlift (255/175) Max Toes to Bar Rest 1 Minute

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