Tuesday, January 29

If you all hadn't noticed, we ramped up the training after the new year as we prep for the Open. We've seen A LOT of improvement in your lifts, skills and your numbers. This week is the last week of this phase and next week we will transition into more Open type WODs. Expect to see a lot of past Open, Sectionals and Regionals WODs in the next few weeks. We will continue with some extra work, but I want you to feel what these workouts are like and learn how to keep pushing when your brain is telling you to stop. Your body is capable of more than you know, so use the next few weeks to find out how far you can push before you bonk. Play around with pacing, rest between reps and figure out the best system for you. This is practice for the real thing, use it as such. Do good reps and no rep yourself when you should. I hate these kinds of sayings, but I'll say it anyway: practice doesn't make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect. (I think I gagged typing that, but it's true). Workout for Tuesday, January 29 Power Cleans 15 minutes work up to heavy single

EMOTM for 7 minutes 5 Power Cleans at 155/105

Tabata Back Squats 30%

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