Wednesday, January 30

To celebrate the end of the Paleo Challenge, we're going to have a night out on the town! Let's all go out together and have dinner and maybe some drinks without completely blowing the hard work we put in over the last month. Put Saturday, February 16 on your calendars. We can get out of the gym and enjoy each others company in something other than workout clothes! I think it will be good for a lot of people to go out to eat and figure out how to stick to your healthy diet/lifestyle without sacrificing your social life. It's really not that hard, but we can all help each other. We'll put up a sign up sheet in the gym so we can make a reservation. Also, The Outlaw Way has been posting some good stuff on why we need to be good at Olympic Weightlifting to be good at CrossFit. Click here to read the first article.

And click here for part 2

I apologize in advance for any foul language or whatever else you find on the site. Rudy knows his stuff, but sometimes has a very colorful way of expressing it.

Workout for Wednesday, January 30 Strength Push Press 10 @ bar 5 @ 50% 5 @ 65% 3x3 @ 75%

21-15-9 KB Swings Pushups Pullups

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