Friday, February 1

I've shown a few of you some of the pictures from the site, but I keep forgetting to post it here. Go check out Hookgrip on Facebook. They really post some amazing pictures series of weightlifting and it's helpful to see all of the positions we talk about all of the time. As you look through the pictures, remember that not all of these lifts are perfect and notice the differences from lifter to lifter. I personally look at the feet and check when the heels come off the ground in the second pull. I tend to rush this part and jump too early so I try to visualize it when it's my turn in the gym. Seeing the best in the world do it helps me know what it's supposed to look like. Enjoy. Workout for Friday, February 1 Cleans Work up to a heavy clean

7 Minute AMRAP 7 Med Ball Clean Wall Ball 7 Burpee

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