Monday, February 10

Another benchmark WOD for you on Monday. This time it's Diane. She has come up for us a few times, but she also showed up as the first workout at the 2012 Regionals. I felt pretty good about my Diane time until Dan Bailey did it in 1:35. That time is completely ridiculous, but it looks like a sub two minute Diane is the new standard of excellence. If you've never done this workout before, be sure you don't go too far on the handstand pushups or you will hit the wall and your recovery time will be long. Kipping is allowed but the feet must be in contact with the wall at the top of the pushup. Here's Dan Bailey's record-setting Diane

Workout for Monday, February 10 Power Cleans 15 Minnutes to work up to heavy single

WOD Diane 21-15-9 Deadlift (225/155) Handstand Pushup

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