Tuesday, February 19

As we get closer and closer to the Open, I get more and more excited. I hope you all are having as much fun training for this thing as I am. I'm probably more excited to see some of you new people take on the workouts for the first time. Here's a little something to get you fired up! But remember, these are the best of the best. This just gets me fired up to train harder even if I never make it to that level. You can still put out the same effort you see in this video every day in the gym. If you push yourselves like these athletes do, who knows what could happen. It's not all about the Games. We are pushing ourselves to get fitter, healthier and better at life. The inspiration we can draw from the greats may help us get there, but the work has to come from you.

Workout for Tuesday, February 19\ Back Squat 5 @ 50% 4 @ 65% 2x3 @ 75% 2 @ 85%

WOD Grace 30 Clean and Jerk (135/95)

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