Wednesday, February 20

Just a quick couple of Mobility WODs for you today after all of the shoulder work on Monday and Tuesday. The first is for resetting the shoulder back in the socket after a lot of work or an injury. It can help to get the head of that humorous sitting in the right position. The second video is for all of you with trouble overhead squatting. Trying to diagnose why the movement gives you trouble is the hard part so this video starts at the top to figure out if tight shoulders are the problem. Note that it's probably not just one thing, but you have to start somewhere and work downstream. Hope these help

Workout for Wednesday, February 20 Deadlift 5 @ 40% 5 @ 50% 4 @ 60% 3x3 @ 75%

WOD 21-15-9 KB Swings Situps Pushups

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