Tuesday, February 26

We are going to do a version of Amanda today with the snatches and bar muscle ups. We're keeping it a little lighter and switching to bar muscle ups for all you first timers out there. Amanda is a tough workout, something you now see at the Regionals level, but as the weights keep going up, more workouts like this may pop up in the Open. This should be a good test for you on the skill of snatching quickly and efficiently. The more efficient you can be the better this workout will go (that's true for all workouts, but these snatches better be clean or you will pay). If you technique needs work it will show up as you get tired and missed reps don't help anyone. Take your time on each rep and set up properly. Don't rush through it and miss reps when you can take an extra second to set up right and get that first pull right. Workout for Tuesday, February 26 Back Squat 10 @ bar 8 @ 50% 8 @ 60% 6 @ 70% 4 @ 80% 2 @ 90%

WOD 9-7-5 Snatch (95/65) Bar Muscle Up

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