Wednesday, March 6

Just a quick thought tonight on what we are doing in the gym (aka CrossFit). I've had a couple of conversations with people that are nursing sore/injured joints and/or muscles and I want to address what's going on. You have all been pushing yourselves really hard, and when you do that there is a chance you can get hurt. That is part of the deal with training at a high level and pushing yourself to new heights. This does not mean that we are doing anything that is unsafe. The movements we do are functional and your body is meant to handle them. Learning how to squat, deadlift and press properly ensures that you can do these movements safely in every day life. That means sitting down and standing up, picking things up off the ground and putting something over your head. We do this stuff every day and we train in the gym so we can do those things easily and efficiently. Don't get discouraged if your are hurting, it comes with the territory of training like an athlete. And don't let anyone tell you CrossFit is unsafe. This is just part of a much bigger discussion that I may expand on over the next weeks, but I wanted to get this part out there now. If you have questions, or your friends, doctors, parents, cousins, etc... have questions, please let us know. Workout for Wednesday, March 6 Power Clean 15 Minutes to work up to 75%

WOD 12 Minute AMRAP 15 Overhead Squats (75/55) 10 Pullup 5 Ring Dips

Spend remaining time doing mobility - your choice, but DO IT!