Friday, March 8

The latest Olympic lifting cycle wrapped up on Wednesday so we will take next week off and start again on Monday, March 18. If you have any desire to get better at the snatch and clean and jerk, this class is a must. I highly recommend it and I can speak from personal experience when I say it will make you a better CrossFitter and athlete. This class is not just for people that want to be weightlifters. Robert really breaks down the movements so you can move more efficiently and effectively, which pays off in the middle of a workout like 13.1. If you are unsure, please talk to one of the coaches and we will answer any questions you have. Now on to 13.1 - watch the videos below. The first one explains the standards and the second is a demo of the WOD. Good luck to everyone!

Workout for Friday, March 8 CrossFit Games Open Workout 13.1 17 minute AMRAP of: 40 Burpees 30 Snatch, 75 / 45 lbs 30 Burpees 30 Snatch, 135 / 75 lbs 20 Burpees 30 Snatch, 165 / 100 lbs 10 burpees Max rep Snatch, 210 / 120 lbs