Monday, March 11

We are very happy to announce we will be adding a mobility class to the schedule on Saturday at 11:30 (immediately following the 10:30 am WOD). This class will be around a half hour and will focus on opening up all of the problem areas for CrossFitters - hips, shoulders, hamstrings, etc... Stacie, a certified massage therapist and yoga instructor, will be leading the class and she will show you how to work on yourself and do some work with a partner. We are very excited and we're starting right away on Saturday, March 16. See you there and thanks Stacie! Workout for Monday, March 11 Back Squat 10 @ Bar 5 @ 50% 4 @ 60% 3x3 @ 75%

WOD 12 Minute AMRAP 24 Double Under 12 Deadlift (185/125) 8 Handstand Pushups