Wednesday, March 13

Thanks to all of you that said you will volunteer at the competition in April. Cori is heading up our volunteer effort and she needs an email address from you so she can communicate with you all. If you've already sent her something then you are good, but there's a few of you that told us in person and we don't have your email. So please send her an email at if you haven't already. We really appreciate your support and everything you have done so far. Don't forget, you are welcome to compete in this event as well. I know we've talked to some of you, but if you're interested please let us know. You will do great!

More news - Robert started the official West Michigan Barbell Page on Facebook today so make sure you head over there and like it.

One last thing, we're practicing (heaving) snatch balances today and this will be a new movement for many of you. It will help you get into that bottom position quickly and be strong there and you can just focus on getting under the bar. We are just going to practice the movement and not worry about how much weight is on the bar. Watch the video below for some prep.

Workout for Wednesday, March 13 Snatch Balance/Heaving Snatch Balance practice 15 minutes

WOD 7 Rounds In 90 seconds do 4 Pistols 8 Toes to Bar Max KB Swings Rest 1 min