Friday, March 15

Who's ready for 13.2? This is a pure conditioning test for most of you and I have tried to compile some strategy tips for you. We had a few people do the workout Thursday night and they put up some good numbers. It looks like 8 rounds will be a really good score for us mortals. If you do nothing else, make sure you keep your back in a good position through all the movements. Watch the Mobility WOD video below for more on this, but try not to overextend on these movements and wear out your lower back. Pay attention to the part about keeping the hips down as you deadlift so your not straight legging it. The more efficient you can be the easier this will be and the more reps you can do. Check out the link and videos below for some help before you take it on.

Outlaw strategy tips

Mobility WOD prep

Movement standards

Workout for Friday, March 15 Open WOD 13.2 10 minute AMRAP of: 5 Shoulder to overhead, 115 / 75 lbs 10 Deadlift, 115 / 75 lbs 15 Box jump, 24 / 20 inch